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Fusing Glass: A Short Description

Hawks Head
Hawks Head, Egypt, Ptolemaic 3rd-1st century B.C.E.

Roman Empire, 1st century B.C.E. - 1st century C.E.

Fused Glass is one of the most ancient types of glass forming. Examples have
been found that are thousands of years old and date to Egyptian and early
Roman times.

Checking color before cutting.

Cutting glass to fit.

To prepare glass for fusing, glass is cut to shape and pieced

Assembled glass is fired in a kiln at about 1500 degrees.  The glass is
fused into one solid piece.

Assembling and layering cut glass.

Placing fused glass on mold.

The fused glass is slowly cooled to room temperature and re-fired over or
into a mold so it can take it's final shape.


Finished bowl.

In my work I try to experiment with unusual shapes and compositions while
retaining the utility of glass.  It is completely safe for use with food,
though heat shock (such as microwave) should be avoided.